Seminars and one-day workshops

Shape your own experience of The Branding Workshop by selecting from our seminars or one-day workshops for businesses and 3rd sector organisations or even invite Yvonne to speak at your event.

Our events are tailored to achieve specific, valuable results for our clients:

  • Raise awareness of branding, licensing, marketing and business techniques
  • Develop understanding of how to use these techniques for business growth
  • Assist organisations in delivering inspirational continuing professional development (CPD) and training to their members and clients

Media enquiries

Yvonne is an expert on leadership, branding, creative industries and business development issues. Please contact Yvonne directly by email or telephone. Details are on the Contact page.

Yvonne gives her advice on branding and licencing to The Design Trust.


Yvonne Fuchs is an experienced speaker on strategic branding, creative business development and leadership.

Her leadership and expertise is recognised through her role with Growth Accelerator as a business growth adviser, as founder of The Branding Workshop and as a design associate for the Design Council.

In her speaking, Yvonne draws on more than 35 years of commercial experience, including senior management roles in HE and FE institutions.

She has deep understanding of the issues facing social enterprises and creative industries casts her as an expert and vibrant speaker to audiences including social enterprise organisations, designers, creative business owners and investors.

Event organisers can find Yvonne's profile on speaker sites such as Her'Say, The Women's Room and Media Experts. Yvonne reads all her own emails and event organisers are invited her directly to discuss her availability for future events.

"I met Yvonne at one of her surgeries and was immediately impressed by the delivery of her message.

She is a captivating public speaker and a very quick and resourceful person. Having been a creative and had her own successful design business for years has given her an advantage over all other branding advisors. She has been there and done that, and knows what is like when you are beginning to develop a product and more importantly a brand."

Elena Garcia

Workhops and Seminars

For creative businesses

  • How to create a brand called you: Useful for designer makers, fashion designers, consultants or those developing an offer using their own name.
  • How to License your work without selling your soul: A workshop that explains the pros and cons of this exciting new avenue for business growth and how to keep control of your intellectual property.
  • What's the difference that makes the difference? For companies/organisations seeking differentiation in a crowded marketplace.
  • Leading Creative Teams: suitable for creative organisations who want to get the best from their people.

"After hearing Yvonne present about the world of creative businesses I just knew I had to work with her. I am now so pleased I am actually getting the opportunity to work with her as she totally understands my ambitions and what my goals are for my company and is providing me with valuable guidance and a strategy to help me to achieve them. Yvonne is one a million!"

Rebecca Moyster, BonBonBalloons

For social enterprises

  • Branding in three dimensions: Branding for the charity and social enterprise sector that takes into account multiple stakeholders and their different needs.
  • The Creative Funding Workshop: Suitable for 3rd sector organisations to assist them in thinking creatively about new sources of funding.
  • Leading the change! Empowering your people to lead.

"Thanks again for yesterday it was really inspirational for us all. The workshop exceeded all my expectations and now we have a great foundation to build on."

Chris Songhurst, KCFN

For business owners

  • Zen and the art of business growth: a mindful approach to developing a truly effective business.
  • The Hero's Journey: being the best you can be as a leader in business.
  • The difference that makes the difference: Challenge yourself and your business to go to the next level.

"Yvonne is direct, caring and honest, but she is also a hardnosed business woman who doesn't tell you what to do, she teaches you how to know what to do yourself."

Elena Garcia