Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are waking up to the fact that in order to deliver on the hopes and aspirations of their communities, they need to understand the marketing principles of business.

Achieving success in social enterprise is not only measured in terms of community engagement, but also in terms of funding and finance. Branding plays a key role in ensuring a social enterprise communicates its values, delivers on its brand promises and sustains itself for the long term needs of the community it serves.

As a business with a social concern or aim, they often neglect those aspects of business that have often been shrouded in mystery, such as branding, which can appear to be a waste of resource.


Yvonne has worked with many social enterprises including:

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"Mothers Meeting is a network of thousands of women worldwide and represent the world's most influential mothers. Since Yvonne came into the world of Mothers Meeting things have definitely turned up a gear, we have women starting successful businesses of every description - Yvonne has a confidence and energy that is contagious. If you need focus, motivation or generally a kick up the arse, Yvonne is your woman."

Jenny Scott, Founder, Mothers Meeting

Why social enterprises choose The Branding Workshop

Yvonne has many years of experience working with the charity and social enterprise sector, helping them understand what is the essence of their offer and brand and how they can communicate the passion for their work to all their audiences. We call this Branding in three dimensions.

John Bland, CEO of Social Enterprise Kent explains:

"As the CEO of a diverse social enterprise called Enterprising Opportunities CIC & Charity called Kent Enterprise Trust I had been frustrated for a long time that we failed to deliver our core message about who we are and what we are about.

People were left baffled & bemused or even worse at times when they didn't know who we were!

Yvonne was specifically tasked to help us with our branding strategy and wow what an enjoyable process. Yvonne spent time with me (CEO), key individuals from the organisation, the Boards & also undertook independent observations of our marketing/branding.

From this a series of workshops were undertaken with the objective of coming to terms with where we are & how we would improve. This culminated in a plan to re brand under one umbrella trading name supported by one quality website."

"Yvonne Fuchs with her enormous wealth of experience and insight has been able to see the pattern beneath my struggle and aspiration to regenerate our family seafood export business of 35 years and urged me to step forward as the founder of a new social enterprise The Sheltered Bay.

Yvonne has this incredible knack of being able to reflect back to me, how my talents and experience articulated a vision, and step by step clarified the practical and tangible steps necessary to build the brand. I love her! And most importantly, her belief in me gave me courage and space to take ownership of the value in the difference is that makes the difference, that I make."

Arlette George, Founder, The Sheltered Bay

The difference Yvonne makes

Yvonne was one of the first business advisers to enter the social enterprise arena and as such, she has seen and been part of the transformation of organisations in the sector.

As a passionate believer in the value of social enterprise, Yvonne is also a founding director of Brilliant Women a social enterprise that works trans-generationally to support and develop women's self esteem and skills in both their personal and professional life.

Her involvement and track record in the sector gives her clients valuable insights and perspectives on the challenges they face in implementing strategic brand and business advice that will sustain their organisations in to the future.

"Working with Yvonne and her team has been a great experience, fantastically fun, enlightening and productive process. Yvonne knows her stuff. 100% recommendation from me."

John Bland, CEO, Social Enterprise Kent