Creative Business

Creativity and commercial knowhow runs through Yvonne like the coloured candy in a stick of rock. It's impossible to separate her creative drive from her passion for business.

For creatives operating in a commercial world, Yvonne is an extraordinary asset. She is an advocate and enabler of design and creativity, who is also able to advice and facilitate business development through business strategy, brand licensing and best practice.

Why creative businesses work with The Branding Workshop

Artists, designers and makers have been marketing their skills and products for centuries. Just like any other business however, when the time comes to move from being an established sole creative to a business demonstrating strong growth and attracting investment opportunities, they need advice and guidance.

The Branding Workshop provides the support they are looking for. Not simply advising, but providing a coherent approach to coaching and mentoring an understanding of business, branding and objectives. As creatives work with Yvonne and her team, they learn about their business and themselves and become better equipped to identify what their business needs and how to deliver it.

Most importantly, Yvonne's approach protects and preserves the creative integrity at the heart of the business. As an artist and designer in her own right and with more than 35 years experience, she understands the creative process and sees the business as a vehicle for creating a happy workplace and enabling the creative to develop their best work.

"Branding, business advice and good to honest creative passion! Yvonne has been a fantastic mentor and support to me. I feel like Yvonne has helped me understand I can be creative, but also a business woman. Most importantly I now have a plan, and it's starting to work. Yvonne is a straight talking no nonsense ideas woman mixed with a creative, free-thinking artist. The perfect combination for me to trust and work with. I can not recommend Yvonne highly enough."

Sarah Arnett

Some of the businesses who have worked with Yvonne

Radley logo Firefly logo Helen Amy Murray logo Pitch & Synch logo
Duck & Cover logo Celia Birtwell logo London Metropolitan logo Modern Love logo

Brand strategy

Working with Yvonne is a dynamic and involving activity. Initially it means working together in a workshop fashion, bringing all of a business' key thinkers together around the table, helping them to reach a common purpose and encourage creativity and buy in.

The process is simple, but the array of results and strategic outcomes are endless, ranging from writing the brand strategy, developing a name, creating a brief for designers and selecting them or generating and implementing sales and marketing plan, including social media.

Most importantly, Yvonne ensures that her clients' brands encapsulate their company's personality and values through every aspect of business, positively differentiating itself in a competitive marketplace.

"I have worked with Yvonne for over three years, during a period of rapid growth of my company. She has helped me focus my strategy to develop my business. Her no nonsense vision, experience and guidance have been invaluable."

Margo Selby

Brand Licensing

The opportunities for clients to develop their intellectual property through licensing has grown exponentially over the past decade. Yvonne is a regular speaker at trade shows within the creative sector on branding and licensing strategies.

Whether you are a brand owner who wishes to develop your brand or a retailer/manufacturer who wants to engage with a brand owner, we are able to use our unique brand thinking workshops to advise you.

Yvonne and The Branding Workshop have a vast network of specialists to call upon too. From a legal, accounting or design perspective, she has many years of working within this supply chain, and therefore can find the right specialists for your businesses.

Her years of experience and her role as an independent adviser means that she provides an impartial perspective on licensing and other business opportunities. She coaches and mentors her clients to be able to judge the offers made to them with clarity and equanimity.

"Yvonne has enabled us to be more lateral in our thinking about how and where we might look to add value to existing work and we're now tremendously excited about the possibilities before us.

We're really looking forward to actioning some of the ideas that have started to take shape through guided conversation and creative thinking, and less fearful of possible brand damage that could occur without Yvonne's guidance and experience of the licensing process."

Robin Farquhar, People Will Always Need Plates

The difference Yvonne makes

It's no good having a business adviser who can only see the bottom line. Similarly, it's not helpful to have a creative art fan on your team who can't identify a coherent business strategy for growth and success.

Yvonne's understanding of the creative process is integral to her branding and business advice. She has a unique ability to marry commercial nous with creative vigour.

She is down to earth, commercially insightful and will nurture your creative spirit to ensure that your best work doesn't feel like work at all.

Celia Birtwell

The following video was commissioned by Yvonne to attract new business opportunities for Celia Birtwell.

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