Corporate finance

The Branding Workshop works with private equity, corporate finance and investment analysis teams to support creative businesses at all stages of financing: pre-investment, at investment, as part of the long term planning for the investment and in the distressed investment and turnaround arena.

Trend Analysis

  • Using trend analysis we can help to identify the areas that would be ripe for investment and identify the new areas of growth at both a micro and macro level.
  • The Branding Workshop has been working for many years with trend companies in the UK and abroad, and it has developed a series of presentations that interpret key consumer trends for the market place. By understanding these key trends companies and investors can stay ahead of the competition and find niche markets ripe for development. Competitive advantage can be gained before an area becomes saturated with investment and the multiples of EBITDA are driven up.

Brand and Business Growth

  • We provide initial appraisal about a brand and provide analysis of the 'strength' of the brand as well as strategic advice on how to grow the value of the business through strategic brand planning and development.
  • When the investment has been made we offer advice on how to grow the business as well as an in depth analysis of the companies strengths and weaknesses from a branding perspective. The Branding Workshop can offer business advice to investors and the board on how to develop a strong brand position and offer in the marketplace, and commission relevant services as required. The result will be a strategic plan to grow the business over the life of the investment helping to ensure the value investors hope to achieve upon exit.

Business Turn-around

  • For investments that are struggling to achieve their planned multiple, The Branding Workshop can come in and provide a third party perspective and create a plan to turnaround the business and to maximise value shortly before a sale.

Radley Bags

Yvonne Fuchs founder of the Branding Workshop worked with the business to re-focus the brand when Radley was part of the Tula Group. The managing director Alan Warner wanted to maximise the growth of the brand and to develop its potential. Working with the creative director Lowell Harder and the sales and marketing team, they developed a Brand Strategy that would propel the brand in the market place, eventually becoming a stand alone Brand.


New corporate identity, website and advertising strategies were put in place, as well as working closely with other retail outlets such as John Lewis, were key to making the brand much more visible. The result was that consumers were able to more confidently identify with brand and the brand was even more confident in developing the products and strategy to support its future growth.

Radley was successfully sold for 130 million to private equity firm Exponent in December 2007.