Brand Interpretation

Brand Interpretation is strategic brand consultancy service designed by Yvonne Fuchs. Drawing on extensive research on the qualities, features and strategies of leading brands, Yvonne's commercial approach enables businesses and social enterprises to put the full power of their brand to work in achieving specific, ambitious business goals.

Brand development is a challenging task for any business owner. It involves self-examination and a willingness to change and improve. Many successful businesses have chosen Yvonne Fuchs and the Brand Interpretation team to guide them through the process because getting expert advice makes the process quicker, more effective and more enjoyable.

With the experience and intellect to know which resources are required for the project, Yvonne creates a team of professionals to deliver advice and services across design, architecture, social media, HR, licensing, corporate finance and more. In her leadership role, she provides a direct reporting line to the business owners and management team.

"This process has been absolutely essential to promoting London Met as a business focused brand, capable of actively engaging with both SMEs and corporate business. We found the process challenging and engaging and are really excited about the results that we already see being delivered."

Phil Cooper, Head of the Innovation and Enterprise Unit, London Met

Your business champion

Your brand is your core business asset. With a strong brand, decision-making is straightforward; you'll know where you are in your market, where you want your business to be and how your brand will take you there.

With a weak brand, the answers are not so clear and instead, you see a multitude of choices, 'ifs' and 'maybes' ahead.

In working with Yvonne and your Brand Interpretation team, you'll discover the support you need to fix, develop or even create the brand that accurately reflects your vision, values and goals.

With the needs of your business in mind, Yvonne will be one of the most challenging people you ever work with. She'll inspire you to think, reflect and act in ways that will deliver the change you want to see. That's why clients describe her a 'business therapist'; often provoking, always supportive.

Yvonne's business experience includes working in her family's manufacturing business as well as advising a vast number of businesses through Growth Accelerator, Manufacturing Advisory Service, Business Link, Social Enterprise London as well as the many clients of The Branding Workshop.

"Yvonne is a unique person who manages to blend professionalism with warmth and care so perfectly. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge that she is able to input and direct into people that is then translated into inspiration and confidence. By her influence and insight and genuine care, she has empowered me to turn my business in the direction that I want it to go. She is total tonic!"

Sarah Man, Interior Designer, SLM Design

The Difference Yvonne Makes

There are a number of reasons why Yvonne is one of the UK's leading brand strategists in the entrepreneurial and social enterprise world.

One is that she has tested her knowledge of design and business development through the crucible of research. In her MA in Design Studies at Central St Martins she examined the principles and practices of the UK's leading brands and design agencies to identify the actions and techniques that turn good businesses into great businesses.

She has drawn on that research to implement corporate branding strategies on behalf of many, many small and medium sized enterprises. Clients such as Austin Smith Lord (architects), Radley Handbags, Allan & Bertram, Firefly and many more demonstrate the power of effective branding in sustaining profit, generating growth and attracting investment.

Yvonne extends her expertise beyond commerce and shares her knowledge with social enterprises and education sector clients such as Green Works, Rain Trust, Social Enterprise Kent, London Metropolitan University and Brilliant Women.

"I have worked with Yvonne for well over 10 years, and when I need a fresh, intelligent and original concept to help me break out of a rut or find a truly stimulating solution, Yvonne is the person I turn to instinctively. Yvonne has great perception in business - no doubt linked with her ability to 'see' solutions through her remarkable design flair."

Phil Mallinson, Finance Manager, WISE Worksafe

Which kind of businesses choose Brand Interpretation?

Brand Interpretation clients are ambitious. They want to develop new markets, attract investment, explore new ways of extending their reach and change the way they are seen in the marketplace.  Read more...

These are measurable, tangible changes and these are the outcomes that Brand Interpretation delivers.

Yvonne has worked with businesses as diverse as the London Metropolitan University and Radley Handbags. At the time of choosing to work with Yvonne, they were all established businesses that had proven the success of their business model, but wanted to step up to another level.

Stepping up to another level means growth. Yvonne brings the resources and insights of the corporate world to small and medium sized enterprises; equipping them with the decision making skills and strategies that will sustain them in to the future.


"I have worked with a Yvonne for more than five years on a variety of projects in a several sectors. In all of these projects her attention to detail, enthusiasm and her ability to get things done has always been paramount. She has helped me immensely with my own business and is always there to offer insightful advice. Her knowledge of how business works would be a real insight to both the inexperienced and experienced alike."

Christopher Nicholas, SumwotSOCIAL,

Design Management

A core element of the Brand Interpretation service is to translate the tangible and intangible features of your business into a coherent, visual experience.  Read more...

Led by Yvonne, Brand Interpretation includes design management to deliver a robust visual identity that will support your business effectively, flexibly and within budget. Your project could include any of the following elements: interior design, identity and brand marks, marketing collateral, social media, exhibitions and more.

Yvonne has extensive design management experience, most notably with the Design Council as a design associate, as a design adviser with Business Link and has an MA in Design Studies from Central St Martins.


"You can't forget Yvonne - her infectious enthusiasm, character - and the ability to tell you straight what's right and wrong! You really join her 'circle' - a world of experience, contacts, and advice which you couldn't get any other way (and can save you a lot of money for a better result.) And lastly - she knows 'what's going out there' and is always right on the pulse!"

Vernon Evershed, Allan & Bertram